Valerie Bertrand  |  Curriculum Vitae

1986-1991 Studied art, child development, education, taught pre-school and took care of children ages

newborn to seven.

1990-2003 – Studied human anatomy, medicine, alternative medicine, osteopathy, reflexology, nutrition

and medicine at Deaconess Hospital and through formal education and private mentorships. Athleticism

training; martial arts, instructor level, aerobics, running and overall fitness, yoga teacher training

certified through Samaria Yoga Center out of Seattle, Washington.

1995 – Opened Alternative Healing practice in Billings, Montana with over 400 clients.

1996-1998 – Studied Environmental Psychology – Certified in feng shui by attending several trade

schools for interior design and certifying at The Western School of Feng Shui.

1998 – Teaching and presenting at colleges, libraries and professional events.

1999 – Became a victim of identity theft which eventually led to the development

of True Wealth, a psychological approach to money and conscious capitalism.

2000-2006 – Studied business and mysticism, opened consulting practice.

2007-2016 – Clinical and developmental psychology, some neuroeconomics.

2008-2012 – Studied military history, theology, political science, global trade and global education.

2013 – Inherited Speakers Resource Organization, founded Harmonic Interiors, Shanlei West

Productions, True West Adventures, and The Love Veteran.

2010-Present – Studied psychoneuroimmunology, neurology, and how mindset relates to business development.

2012-2016 – Sales and marketing, PR, event planning, community development, HR, founded SATARA

Nations, began studies for real estate development, completed real estate school, mentorship for

investment art brokering.

2016-Present – Co-produced a documentary, consulted for 30 + companies and private individuals