Starting a business is an exciting way to bring creativity and revenue together.

Who are you?

What are you offering?

Why do people come to you?

What are you selling and what are people buying?

If you’re not selling, what is the problem?


The following are 50 questions to a more successful endeavor.

Identify the best professional you are in competition with. How can you offer the same service only better? 

  1. What is your role within the market place?
  2. Ask yourself if you are suited for the industry. If the answer is no, what do you need to learn to be better in this industry? And does this knowledge fit your personality or is there something you might be better at offering?
  3. What is your time commitment you have to devote for developing the various aspects of your business?
  4. Do you really want this activity to be part of your daily life or as a long term professional lifestyle?
  5. Where are the gaps in your knowledge? In what areas do you need to spend more time learning and developing?
  6. What is the training you are willing to put into your business development process? What is your daily routines for work and everything else you want to do and is that balance already established.


Create a routine of fulfillment…

Establish a routine that allows you to have all of what you are going after as part of your daily process. Factor in the workouts, healthy lifestyle, time for kids, family and your relationship. Think about the studies, marketing approaches and the people you are going to get to pay you for what you give to them. Once you a crystal clear about your professional goals and objectives, use the next 10 days/240 hours to train yourself to get into the habits you wish to professionally see yourself in by taking deliberate action. This is a powerful process in developing True Wealth within your profession.

  1. What activity do you enjoy doing more than any other activity. Write this out in a 10 day action plan. Include all the activities you wish to be doing and fit them into a consciously initiated 240 hour period.
  2. Evaluate what everyone is doing. What is in demand? What are they offering? What are people actually successfully buying and selling? Is your product or profession in demand? If not, how could you tweak it to make it more mainstream?
  3. What is the overall business environment? How does this environment support or hinder your sales cycle? How might you flow with the expansions and contractions of buyers?
  4. Who is your trusted source for industry tracking? How might you better tune into what is occurring within your industry? (True Wealth Consulting Radio)
  5. Who is your preferred expert you wish to follow in their footsteps?
  6. Are you happy with your paths of communication in your business?


The look and feel of any business is what attracts the customers inward. The value of the product or services is what keeps them coming back. What do you want your business to look and feel like?

  1. Why did you choose your name, logo and slogan for your business?
  2. How does the way you operate your business
  3. What does the customer get to experience as a result of working with you?
  4. What are the stages the customer must go through to get to the real value of your service?
  5. What do you need to take your business to the most fruitful level?
  6. What is the perception of value the customer receives from your brand or offering?


Success is achieved through a clear intention and focused actions.

Planning a business can be exciting and fun. Use this checklist to make sure you have everything you need for a successful launch.

  • Business name, brand and scope of offerings
  • Class, category and industry of belonging
  • Business structure for tax purposes; sole, partner, proprietary limited, trust
  • Total of initial investment and start-up budget; personal funds, bank loans, family, venture capital, angel funding, government grants, crowd funding
  • Licenses, permits, registrations and certificates, insurance, filings, franchises
  • 1 page strategic plan establishing vision, key customers, marketing plan, daily routine and overall process with clear goals you are aiming to accomplish
  • Relevant coach, consultant, mentor or specialist; accountant, attorney and all necessary requirements
  • Website (if necessary) software, technological support, LinkedIn and avenues to market yourself
  • Marketing material, brochures, business cards, promotional ads, emails, newsletters and elevator pitch


Managing Your Marketing

A marketing strategy combines a clear message about the product or service. It identifies the product or service’s logistics. There is a pricing strategy that makes sense that is well-positioned within the market that is then promoted in a way that makes sense for the demographic. The marketing strategy is how you manage your message getting out.

  1. Create a marketing plan month-by-month. Designate different days of the week for a different message. Generate emails, LinkedIn posts, media and direct mail that match your monthly marketing plan.
  2. Define the experience you wish people to have when they receive your marketing material. Feature things that match your brand. Create a culture with your marketing messages.
  3. Use a design specialist or a specialty software to formulate all of your visual marketing. Keep logos, fonts and colors unified.
  4. Manage all interactions with the highest level of professionalism. Share samples of your work with potential customers, but preserve your best work for your paying customers.
  5. Don’t network. Do what you do. Do it well and people will find you.
  6. Keep the cycle of success short. Customers like quick payoffs. Be sure to deliver everything you promise. Deliver the promise as fast as possible.


Best Value for Success

Charging for your services is an art. Getting paid with ease is the highest level of this art. With all the “free” marketing gimmicks employed in the last 15 years, consumers have gotten used to getting things for nothing. The mindset a lot of people have is to amass wealth just to say they have it and to pay as little as possible as they can for the maximum benefit. This is human nature, but this is the attitude you are battling anytime you take your product or service to market. Your job is when they show up, charge them a fair market value amount for the exchange.  This is the art form of capitalism.

  1. How are you pricing the product or service you sell? How are you factoring the value the customer receives with what you offer?
  2. Are your financial goals proportional to your outgoing expenditures and inflow?
  3. Are you prepared to pay attention, gut hunches, early warning signs, potentially detrimental connections and anyone who acts like your friend, but is really your enemy in business?
  4. Do you keep an organizational chart to manage yourself, your connections and other? How will you self-govern yourself and your performance?
  5. Is your record keeping up to par? Are you employing personnel? Are all of your agreements in place? Are your transactions clear? Are your true costs properly accounted for? Are you clear what you are in this business for?
  6. What is your highest vision for you and this endeavor?


Overcoming Underearning

People today do so many things that they can forget to designate certain tasks that they only do for a fee. Your professional energy is how you get paid and earn a living. This is how you pay your mortgage and feed your family. If you are operating below par financially there is something within your psyche that needs healing. Specials are offered for underearners struggling with poverty through True Wealth Consulting.


Feeling a Sense of Belonging

One of the most significant influences in the success of your business is the sense of belonging. You may have a service someone needs, but when they want you and they want what you offer, it is the best feeling. If you find you struggle with the sense of contentment in any particular area, this deeper feeling will show up in your professional endeavors as a symptom. These inner conflicts will inevitably play themselves out within the relationships you have in the market place.  True Wealth Consulting provides the services of identifying the inner wealth that leads to outer success.


Custom Support  SPACER

It doesn’t matter what challenge you are facing, a True Wealth Consultation will always give you clarity and insight for you to find your best professional direction. When you create, it comes from a place deep inside of your being. This creative impulse is based on your combination of thought and feelings. This is why it is so important to embrace and trust creativity. A successful business can only operate from trusting such impulses of inspiration. Discover today the functional basics of your business. Schedule a True Wealth Consulting that suits your objectives.




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